What's the next big Android tablet?


Nov 21, 2010
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It seems like every month there are new android tablets and sooner than later they become obsolete. I've heard good stuff about the Asus Transformer Prime, but Asus is releasing a new one soon. And then there's Samsung which will probably make a new tablet, and the Windows 8 tablet should be interesting.

For android tablet owners, how buggy are they? And how is the app selection for tablets? I know Apple has tons of apps for the iPad, but Google Play doesn't. And devs are more hesitant to work with android because there are so many variations, gingerbread, ice cream sandwich, etc.

I want a tablet by August I just don't know which! Apps are definitely important. I don't care about widgets or if it's open source (since my phone has that) or if it has crazy processors but no games or support. I'm really leaning towards the iPad or Windows tablet, but is there anything Android that will blow them out the water?

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