whats the deal with youtube :(


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Dec 26, 2010
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hello i think having a mobile device with youtube is awesome....i love finding hilarious videos and showing people but now i can do it in real life

the problem is...the youtube app is missing SOOOOOOOOOOO many videos. when i search for most of the ones i specifically want in the app, it doesnt find them but on my PC and when i google search on the phone it finds it. when i click it it says 'not availible on mobile'

i dont get why only some (crappy) videos work but the ones you want dont? well i can play them on 3rd party video sites like yahoo and aol but come on this is pretty basic. most of the videos that work on the youtube app are 'still image music videos' and peoples stupid blogs.

any way to fix this or do you have an opinion? thanks