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Jan 27, 2010
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Detroit, MI
hows it goin evryone ive bn a member for about a month but havent introduced myself...just wna say hi and i really enjoy this site and all the help and insite that is available and evryone seems to be super cool here..
Welcome jr to the forums....great to have you here.

Just an FYI I was born and raised in Detroit moved out of there when my mom got freaked out from the gunshots at night : ) True story.

Used to party in Royal Oak every weekend......

I'm still a Red Wing, Piston and Lion fan. When the Lakers and Pistons played in the Finals I had a great time wearing my Pistons Jersey around here.

Enjoy the forums.
Thats cool bro! ive bn here all my life and i to am a die hard redwing, piston, tigers and even lions fan...lol...i have lots of family out n cali they all still rep da D out there thanks for replying u guys r great here ive learned a lot already ive rooted my droid and unrooted in anticipation of the ota but i think im about to root again...i look forward to meeting sum fellow droid owners from here..
Thanks for that usually if i have aquestion all i have to do is look it up and theres n answer some where in the forum...i swear i found this forum bfore i evn bought my droid and researched it thoroughly through this forum...i read a lot of the posts and they r very helpful and sometimes hilarious im gna like it here thanks..
Welcome to the neighborhood, jr313! I think you're gonna fit right in!