What new/upcoming tablets are you waiting for?


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Feb 20, 2010
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I've been waiting a while to pull the trigger. Haven't seen anything better than the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 released last year. Not interested in bigger tablets, or tablets with less than 3 gigs of ram and an sd slot.

Keeping an eye on the Zenpad 8 S. It comes with a stylus, which although I'm not sure how much I'll use is really interesting (depends on the writing/recognition software). But the cpu is probably a step-up over the Tab S 8.4....what really caught my attention was 4 gigs of ram (in one variant, who knows if it will be available in the US). Now a 64-bit cpu with 4 gigs of ram may be overkill, but I'd like to plan to have this tablet 3-4 years or more.

Those are the two I'm eyeballing. I like to load-up my homescreen with a bunch of widgets to scroll thru a large variety of info quickly, so 2 gigs of ram just doesn't cut it.