What is the best way to share videos on the S3????


Mar 31, 2010
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I notice when sharing videos the files are too large to email or mms. What is the best way to share videos with people? Should I upload unlisted vids to youtube or use dropbox? Is there an easier way??? I have had some issues with people being able to view vids through dropbox when I send the link. Do the recipients of the video have to have dropbox/ youtube accounts to view video from a sent link? Thanks
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This forum is dead....try over at XDA. I don't normally share videos, but dropbox, you tube or sugar sync should work even if the recipients aren't members so long as the video is marked public.
One way to share the file, and this goes for any phone, and what I do is, upload it to youtube then send the link.
I concur Youtube is probably the best way as some do report issues with dropbox... If it is done on youtube the other nice thing is that it doesn't take up space on you dropbox so you can just leave it there.... I have just recently started using Youtube and wish I would have done it a LONG time ago...... I have always viewed videos there but never stored mine there...