What does the circle with the two arrow mean in the status bar?


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Mar 18, 2010
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What does the circle with the two arrows inside on the status bar mean and why has it been appearing every afternoon on my phone at about the same time? It won't go away until I power the phone off and restart.
Google sync services....Calendar, Contacts, Email, Picassa, Google Music, etc... It's also a maintenance sync as well (for those services) so you are screwing it up each time you reboot your phone. Just let it be...when it completes the icon will go away. Since you keep aborting it.....it may take longer now to do a full sync.
Thanks - I will try to be patient (not one of my virtues). I don't remember seeing this symbol on for so long before in the couple years I've had the phone. Is it possible that something could be wrong and causing the synching to hang?
Going on over two hours and phone is still synching ....
Do you have a stable data connection? it might lose connection and try again. Also go to Settings, Accounts & Sync and see what you have checked there to make sure its all legit. If it keeps on doing that i would suggest a factory reset.
Thanks. I looked at the Accountss & Sync settings and Background data and Auto-sync are checked. I haven't rebooted the phone based on the earlier response I received and that sync indicator has been in the status bar since yesterday afternoon. I continue to get updates to my email, calendar, etc. so I'm not sure what the problem is. The factory reset will delete everything from the phone which would be a pain but maybe I will have to try it.