What are some good RSS feeds regarding the Droid and Android?


Feb 26, 2010
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Vancouver, BC
Hello all....I use NewsRob on my phone for RSS feeds and love it! I'm having a hard time finding any good feeds regarding the Droid and the Android OS though. Can you please let me know of any that you may have come across?

Thanks much!
I have androidguys, phandroid and androtap RSS feeds all set up on my rss app (FeedR). I also set up an RSS feed to the General Discussion subform on here so I can quickly browse through there as well.
Forgive my ignorance, but could someone explain rss feeds?

RSS is a push service that you decide what you would like pushed.

You subscribe to an RSS Feed, and instead of searching for that information, it is pushed to you via the subscription. You have to have a compliant reader to read the information (NewsRob is just one available). I also use NewsRob because it had the best ratings and positive feedback I could find.

Everything that NewsRob gets is setup in Google Reader, so you set it up on your PC and then when ready go read. I have my refresh set for every 4 hours, so I just refresh when I go in so that I know I have the latest data.

Here is the link for Google Reader.... once you are setup there, you can link NewsRob to fetch the information:

Enjoy!! :icon_ banana::icon_ banana::icon_ banana::icon_ banana::icon_ banana:
cool, thanks. how do you setup the feed to gen discussion here???

See my post above. If you have NewsRob setup to get the feeds from Google Reader all you have to do is subscribe to the General Discussions thread in the forum, and then configure it with Google Reader.
The above as well as droid-life.com and the all-encompassing engadget.
do you guys download just articles, or the mobile webpage also with newsrob?