What a game controller should be - pic


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Jul 29, 2010
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Los Angeles, CA
I just bought the zeemote and found it to be nearly useless. The MSI BGP100 controller has died cause the company no longer manufactures it, none can be found at a reasonable price. The Wii mote is awkward if you dont have a desk and a stand for the phone. With all the smart phone gamers out there i'm suprised no one has come to our rescue with a decent product.

I was thinking about this and what i wanted in a controller. I created a little illustration of what i would love:


Of course its gotta have 4 buttons so it can be used with certain emulators like super nes and gamboy, also the L and R buttons. The top L and R buttons are put on the side, i would like to use the top of the controller for the smart phone to stand on so there will be no access.

This doesnt have to be complicated, just somthing simple and compact. Attach a plastic plate on a controller and cut some slots for a velcro strap to hold phone and your done. If not velcro maybe somthing else can be devised to hold it. Or maybe nothing at all.

To make it more compact it would be nice if the plate slid down into the controller so you could put in your pocket. The velcro pieces could be on a elastic band to adjust for different phones and removable so the plate can slide down the back of the controller

Also i dont care if its Bluetooth or mini USB.


Jun 9, 2010
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[video=youtube;E_D1fUzuRiU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_D1fUzuRiU]YouTube - Game Gripper: Motorola Droid Gamepad in Action[/video]