weird EMAIL stuff


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Nov 23, 2009
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2 things:

1. when in my personal email trash folder (not gmail), deleted all emails that i sent to trash, & i see no emails in trash folder; HOWEVER, when i go back to 'view' all folders, it shows the number of emails within each folder, i see that i have 3 emails in the trash folder???? where are these phantom 3 that were supposedly deleted???

2. when i download my email, receive emails plus, always at the bottom of the downloads, several emails timestamped "12/31/1969 7:00PM" without anything in the subject line, & when open, nothing within the email?? anyone else with same experience????
when "google", others asking similar question, but no answers. neither, MOT, nor VZW have any thoughts regarding this "weird" issue!!?? clearly something since others do experience. oddly, on my pc, these do not appear, only on the Droid!!!???
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