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Feb 4, 2010
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I'm sitting in South Jersey just over the bridge from Philadelphia, PA and the weather on the clock widget is showing me conditions for Delaware.

It was working fine earlier today, but tonight it's been showing up wrong

Anyone else experience anything like this recently or have a solution to the problem?
Turn on your gps or use a different weather widget. For some reason the stock one has a hard time just using network location but I've found the weatherchannel works well without gps on

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gps has been turned on. never made any changes to it since i got it 2 weeks ago. now today the weather location is totally wrong

don't want to use a different weather widget since the weather is built in to the clock widget
Wait a few days. Or even hours. It will get it right.
ok, just wasn't sure if this was a problem others were having or an isolated incident
I have the same issue, gives me weather for Fair Oaks, California and I live in Maine! I gave up on the stock widget and went back to the fancy widget pro application which has always been reliable for me and has numerous skins available to customize. Plus you can manually set a location unlike the stock app.

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My wife's had this issue, gave weather for San Francisco. We returned it after a few days of that for a replacement, no issues since.

I struggled to find a logical answer...but never did find one. When she approached her 14 days I said to just get a new one before her return window expired. Meanwhile mine has been just fine and I haven't noticed any behavior like that with my thunderbolt. It interests me that others are having this issue, so maybe bad lot of gps radios? She has the VZW rubber case. I don't recall if it covers the gps circle on the back of the phone or not.

We are in PA, so maybe it is something common to the area?

In any event, after three days I couldn't find any setting or configuration to correct it.

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Mine has placed me in Russia, Finland, and tonight Greece. I believe it is a problem with the Verizon location services although turning that off in settings does not immediately fix the problem.