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Nov 18, 2009
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Kekaha, HI
Lately my weather channel widget won't show temp on my home page, just says weather unavailable. Anyone else having thbis problem?
all of the time. it's junk. usually i either have to click in for it to find my location, or delete the widget and add it again. i'm just waiting for 2.1 to officially come out and then i'll dump it.
what's in 2.1 that will fix the weather channel or is there a built in app or something? My weather channel widget annoys the snot out of me, too.
there are new features built into 2.1 that include news and weather. there are plenty of threads on this forum that cover this.
I had that issue, but when I made sure it was not set to tracking me but rather my actual location it has done much better. Also, make sure if you have an task manager that you have it set not to shut this app down. This being said, I tried them all and they all had this issue to some degree. I do find the weather channel the best for keeping my temps updated.
I want to delete a location on my Weather Channel app. How do I do it.

Try long press on the location???

Stock App in 2.1 is 100% better....