warm, low memory, no service, restart?


Jun 30, 2010
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I went on a 4 hour road trip this past week and noticed my phone was getting warm (warmer than i expected) just below the battery cover. But this is also the first time i had the case off so I'm not sure if this is normal or not. I had the Navigation on and browsing the web, facebook, and usb tethering. The temp was around 123. While i was up there i set my phone face down on my lap and turn it around again to find it restarting.
On the way back it was the same thing as for app usage but no restarting. Now today i killed all apps and my memory was at 96mb. I was browsing the web for a couple mins then i lost all service, the no service sign was up. and i always get service in that spot and my dad was talking on his phone no problem. Then my x just went blank and restarted.
After the restart everything was back to normal, great service, 3g the whole 9 yards. Memory was up around 237.

So im not sure if the high temp had anything to do with what happened today or not. But it kinda seems like i have a memory leak somewhere. Its been about 6 hours and im around 209mb. Might have been just one of my apps i opened.

Anyone have any advice? Its a perfect phone other than those issues.

Thanks in advance!