Volume for Bluetooth voice command prompts.

5 Hole

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Mar 31, 2011
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Is anybody else having a problem with hearing the Bluetooth voice command prompts, I can barley hear them? I use a “Jabra CRUISER” hands free device that attaches to my visor. The Jabra volume is set to loud.

With my old phone, the Droid original, I would press the button and the Jabra would say in a loud and clear voice, “Please say a command.” With my Thunderbolt, when I press the button I can barely hear the “Please say a command.”

I did discover that I can raise the volume by using the phone's volume buttons. The phone screen will show "Bluetooth In Call Volume", which appears to be set, by default, at about half full volume.

When I raise the volume this way, the commands are loud and clear but only for the one call. The next call I make the "Bluetooth In Call Volume", is reset to half.
I have the same problem with a moto headset. I also have volume issues with music playback and videos that I take on the phone. The rumor is that it MAY be fixed with an update. It is unbelievable to me that they didn't notice these issues before release