Voice actions problem?


Jul 28, 2010
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Im trying out voice actions but it seems to not work properly for me for example ill say Send text to Bob..hey lets hang out

it will bring up the text message but will have subject as "to Bob lets hang out"

anything im doing wrong? Ive said fast slow normal etc no avail
Not sure but try speaking the to (Bob) wait for the app to open and post Bob then continue with Lets hang out

Let us know if that works.

you have to speak like this "Text Bob, lets hang out"

The system recognizes (Text) and (Bob) and then your message

If you add extra stuff like "send" and "to" it gets confused and thinks you are already saying your message
nope anytime i say send text dont matter what follows it get put into the subject, for some reason my call ----- is not working either
this froyo is the leaked Droid X update so I think that may be a problem, im just going to system restore and wait till official release =(