Thank you tenda. I will try. Hope that you love this app.
you can try Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 to make a video. Good luck !
I know Corel VideoStudio Pro which is used to make film. But it's hard to create text, object animation... I want to create a professional video to introduce vMusic.
OK. Currently, you can share songs on your facebook. I will improve the sharing fucntion soon to support Twittter. Thank you for your comment.
If you have any ideas to improve this app please let me know.
Currently, we haven't still support this feature.
Thank you for your comment.
We will add this feature for next versions
I like your player, but the ability to add multiple songs to a playlist at a time just isn't there, and it would be nice if it was.
I also like that you are able to reorder your playlist any way you see fit. Just keep working on it... I see much potential for this app.

Make a screen that says "select ALL songs you wish to add to your new playlist." They had a feature like that on the ICS player. If I have to pay a few dollars for this feature, I don't care. I will pay it, and so will my dad. We want a music player that allows easy, painless, and quick playlist making. :D
Cheers dude, not bad. Shame you can't search for album from what I can see but for free it's spot on!
Any idea what happened to y'alls app?

My dad can't find it in the play store, and neither can I

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