ViperOne M9 Open Beta Released!


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Oct 6, 2011
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What has to be the number one most popular custom rom ever for HTC One M8 is now here for the HTC One M9. Not that many people actually have the HTC One M9 since it does not officially release to all carriers until April 10th, even so developers are already pumping out some pretty great roms for this device. Team Venom has already released the Open Beta. This should in no way be considered a daily driver rom. This is only the beginning stages for this rom!

Team Venom made quick work of this release partly due to the fact that they gained some knowledge and experience when working on the Sense 7 mod for the M7 and M8. They also stated that the framework of the M9 was not much different from the M8 which made things go pretty smoothly. This is a beta build and you can expect some minor bugs. As these bugs are reported back to the development team they will be quickly squashed. This should be ready for mass consumption very soon. If you would like to help test the beta build head to the link below.