video transfer to pc


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Jul 2, 2012
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Hello all,

So I've taken a couple quick vids to just try and figure out how the camera works. I can watch the vid on my phone with no problems. I hooked up the usb and was able to get pics and (supposedly the vids too) from phone to pc. I can view the pics on the pc, but I can't view the vids. When I open my pic folder it shows an icon that they are there, but when i try to play them it says windows can't open them. Now when i look at the vid folder on the phone it says mp4, but when i open an individual vid it says 3gpp. I'm lost and confused. I've tried using windows media center and windows live movie maker. In movie maker the vid is just black even when it says it's playing. Can somebody please help??! Would be appreciated greatly,
thanks PD77