Video this normal?


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Jul 2, 2010
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Hello everyone!

I have been playing with my Droid X nonstop since I got it and have a question about the video feature that I hope someone can answer.

First of all, I understand that this is a Phone Camera, not a dedicated video camera and I am not expecting it to be perfect! I just want to be reassured if this is normal or not.

I took some videos of my kids this week and noticed that when I shoot in slow motion, I get a very pixelated screen for a second or two. I also took some video of my kids on a roller coaster and the entire video was pixelated. It was like the camera could not keep up with the movement. Now, this could be completely normal and within the limitations of the camera but I thought I would post the videos to see if anyone else had better luck filming movement or if you think I may have a problem with my camera.

Now for the videos:
This first one is in normal speed with normal motion for comparison...not bad:
[video=youtube;yex0LukX4Xs]"]YouTube - 2010 07 26 16 34 47 917[/video]

The second is basically the same video but was shot in slow motion:
[video=youtube;44F5Oa4SvHw]"]YouTube - 2010 07 26 16 37 41 284[/video]

And the final one is the roller coaster:
[video=youtube;CRVqdXeyNt8]"]YouTube - 2010 07 27 18 47 11 961[/video]

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!