Video / Pics Corrupt?



I went to the Weezer concert last night and got some really good video and photo's.

The problem is half my videos and pics are corrupt?

One of the photos I took with the lead singer (Rivers Cuomo) was good, I even uploaded it to Facebook and Twitter, but now it's saying that it's corrupt and the only copy I have is on Facebook/Twitter?

I have a SanDisc 32gig lvl 4 SDHC. I thought it was just a HD video bug and slow speeds, but it's photos as well, and the card rating is a 4, good enough for HD video.

I backed up the card and then restored/formatted the card within the Bionic settings.

I just took more video and photos and some come out and some are corrupt, WTF is going on?

The corrupt videos show 200mbs, 34mbs, etc... but I checked the files with HeX and it shows 00, so i'm pretty much screwed in getting the vids/pics back right?