Video Of New TouchWiz UX for the Galaxy Note 7!


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Jun 30, 2010
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TouchWiz UX design appears to be very clean and simple, very nice colors with out very much distractions.. Samsung has never shied away from allowing users to customize the look of their devices and with the new TouchWiz may allow them to use icon packs to add a bit of flair to the system. Take a look at the video and get a glimpse of what the UX might look like on the GNote 7.

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I guess that's cool. Not sure I agree with his "cartoonish" statement with the current models. Regardless, it's normal for Samsung to update it's UI each year and continue to improve upon its software. What I didn't understand was one of his last statements saying that the current UI is difficult to use/navigate.... that's ridiculous IMO. (Even if this is your first time EVER using a Samsung device) It's also what we've been discussing in other threads: every feature he highlighted is available via a third party app, most of which are even better than what what will apparently become "stock". Along with the launcher & icons, it's one of the first things I change on any device.
That said, for those folks that keep their device completely stock, it'll be great and I agree that the new stock look will be a nice improvement over the current UI. More mature and refined overall, so that's a thumbs up.

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This might be the updated version that Google helped them create, as i remember Google saying that they would help them create a better UI because Samsung is basically the face of Android at the moment. Because their previous versions prior to it's latest revision were always terrible with memory, even the current one could be better.
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Well, some more screenshots of the Grace UX!


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I HATE HATE HATE the grey box around notifications on the lock screen. It looks so tacky. They have made the rest look so nice and yet the lock screen is so unattractive..... I will still most likely be getting this device but I am going to wait until it is out for a day or 2. Want to get my hands on it and also wait to see what issues VZW adds to it.
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