Video Editing Thunderbolt


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Dec 27, 2009
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Island in Florida
So my friend asked me about video editing on the TB.. Me I would just use the CPU.. but what he is wanting to figure out is.. and please don't flip when I use these words, but he wants BLUR video editing options that you would find on the Droid X.. He takes video a lot of his kids and shortens to send as MMS or take screen captures.. From what he is telling me this is all done with the stock Droid X camcorder. I know TB has no edit options when you take a video. Anyone know any app or way to get those options on an HTC device.. I thought about extracting from his X and diving into it more, but worried and pretty sure it would not do well with the TB...

edit: still looking.. anyone know any app on the market that will edit videos like the Droid X?
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