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Mar 9, 2011
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I want to video call my foster daughter's basketball game from WA to her mom in OK. Since skyping and fring don't work can I do this. Basically, I don't care if I get a video call back, I just want her to watch the game without video taping it? any suggestions. They won't give me access to the internet to do skyping.
Thank you for helping me:)
what if they don't have a droid, can tango go from droid to pc?
I have something even better than Tango. Search for an app called "" in the android market. it will live stream whatever you record to the website. Anyone can watch the live stream from their phone or desktop/laptop as long as they go to the url. Just set up an account, install the app, and you can record things live, almost. There's about a 10 second delay between the moment you record something to where it shows up on the website but I figure that's good enough.