Video Bitrates on the Droid Bionic?


Jan 10, 2012
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A couple of topics I'm interested in:
What is the max video bitrate that the hardware in the Bionic can decode?
What is the max video bitrate that the software in the Bionic can decode?
Are there any apps, codecs, players, etc that provide for hardware video decoding (hardware acceleration) over a wide range of codecs?
At what bitrate does the Bionic record 1080p video? 720p video?

I ask because I use an Nvidia ION for my home theater PC and offloading the video decoding to the GPU makes a world of difference there, so I want to learn more about it for my phone. Plus I have like a million 1080p movies that stutter and lag on the bionic, but somehow it can record and play back its own video no problem? I just want to be able to watch my movies on my phone!