Verizon Shipping Some Galaxy SIII Pre-orders Early


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Jan 12, 2012
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Word is coming in that some Verizon customers who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy SIII have received notices that their new phones will be shipped out early, some even as soon as Thursday. Expected delivery dates range anywhere from the 5th on up, and it's presumed that the devices are going out based on when you pre-ordered, but has not been confirmed. Keep your eyes on your inbox and let us know if you get a notice in the forums below.

Source: Phandroid
July 5!

I preordered at 7:01AM the first morning and got a shipment notification last night. Tracking the package, Fedex says delivery by July 5!
I preordered the 32GB 6/6 around 3pm EDT. Received email notice of processing yesterday, my credit card has been charged but no tracking # as yet.

I preordered th 16GB 6/6 around 6pm EDT, haven't heard anything about this one as yet.
Update: Just received shipment confirmation on the 32GB! Should have it by Friday :cool-b::big smile:
I preordered 1 white and 1 blue 16 GB on 6/12. Order status still says in process.
Has anyone on a business account figured out how to check their order status? Besides calling up and asking that is.
Pre-Ordered mine on 6/6, my confirmation email states at 7:07am. Verizon has charged my card, but have not received any emails from them, and my order status screen states it will ship by July 9th... :(

32gb Pebble Blue version.

I'm on a business account, I pre-ordered mine via phone. I just went to their order status page, typed in the order number, my last name, and location code.
Oh I so hope I get mine early. I ordered mine at 6:42am on 6/6. Would be AWESOME!

OH OH OH...I got charged too this morning. NICE!


And theres my shipment notification. W00T!!!
Mine shipped on the 3rd and arriving Friday!!!!!!!!!!

thx bwhite, i couldn't find a place to enter location so i toggled the 'purchased by' option to vwireless store, from there it worked perfectly. The kicker... vw reps tried to look it up for me and informed me there was not a valid method to check a pre-order on a vw business act. Thx for you help.
anybody know if/when best buy preorders will begin to be filled? According to best buy's mobile chat rep, they don't have any information on expected arrival dates despite the pending official release and the fact that Verizon has started shipping units to fill pre-orders
Got mine about 10 minutes ago by fed ex but I think I may wait a day to activate make sure Verizon doesn't do any fishy buisness and try to get rid of my unlimited data
My status says the phone shipped on the 3rd. Oh man, I may have to go home early today and wait on the porch for the FEDEX guy. DancingNexus