Verizon Reportedly Won't be Getting a Developer Edition of the Next-Gen Moto X


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Dec 30, 2010
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This is sad (but perhaps unsurprising) news. Even though Motorola is planning to offer a custom developer edition, bootloader unlocked version of the Moto X on their Moto Maker website, Verizon will not be carrying it.

Motorola exec Punit Soni confirmed this on Google+ recently in response to a consumer's question. Sound off and let us know what you think of this terrible news. Does it incite you to consider leaving Big Red?

If I really wanted this phone, I would move to Tmo. I guess I don't want it so bad. Gotta wait until the Nexus 6 comes out to make a final decision.
It was either this or the new Nexus-I guess VZW made my decision for me...It will not be long before I move the family over to T-Mo for a more user friendly carrier....
I don't pay much attention to the developer phones so someone help me out. Isn't this the norm....VZ not offering it? I recall a couple early on but nothing recently.
I wish the other carriers would spend more time updating their networks so they were a viable alternative! I keep Verizon for my unlimited which they are trying so hard to get rid of, and their better coverage. It is not just the developer editions or the nexus things which matter to me as I like stock but mostly for my own security as they almost NEVER give the required updates. So much to hate, so much to love...
Maybe Motorola took notice of Verizon's *monumental* screw up of the launch of the Galaxy Nexus a couple of years back. Google will never forgive VZ for that and doesn't offer them the Nexus line...perhaps Motorola feels the same way and isn't offering them this phone.

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I don't think we have all the information. Verizon allowed a developer phone to be released on their network last time around. It would behoove Motorola to sell devices, and if people want to buy a developer phone on Verizon, why would Motorola stop them. It's a developer device, which means updates will come to the phone in a timely manner even if Verizon is trying to slow up the process.
Kind of a bold statement being that you haven't even had a chance to hold one, let alone test it out. LOL
But I understand, we all have our opinions.

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If you are on Verizon, there is no reason to pick it over droid phones, they are always superior. If you are on other carriers, there are superior phones to chose from like g3, xperia, note.

X lacks important features like decent battery size, waterproofing, wireless charging, good camera, sufficient storage.

It will only compete if it will be dirt cheap, like free.