Verizon network issues, is it just me.


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Apr 19, 2010
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Staten Island, NY
That could be caused by many things. Your signal is "marginal" and upload speeds could be affected. Their upload bandwidth could be consumed by various business customers in the area.

Your latency is fine. I would imagine the network might be a bit congested. It is prime usage time.
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That is infinitely better than the first one. I am betting it has to do with high volume usages. Try it right before you go to bed and see if it is the same.
Reboot.. It will re-register you with the tower.. Try again
Haven't checked in quite a while on LTE, but this is the first time I remember my down speed being over 20.


Taken just now.

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Ouch. LTE is getting hammered right now. Must be people got home normally I'm above 25.

The other day I did this and was just about 3mbps download. Now look. Really must vary.

I should mention.. This is what happened to me when vzw first lit up their LTE here in the port Arthur TX area.. I had phenomenal speeds up and down.. Then one day it all changed... I constantly have speeds like @Mustang02 has now... They let me out of my contract for it.. But they're still better than t-mobile, sprint, or at&t.. It sucks though.. I can go a block up and get blistering speeds... Pithes me ofth
When LTE first turned on it was crazy fast. Not many people had a thunderbolt. Then more and more LTE phones came out and the network slowed.

Even xlte was really fast but its slowing as well. Here are a few runs at different servers. Strange how it thinks Detroit is closer than Toledo when Toledo is an hour west of me and Detroit is almost two hours.

My six best results of 8 runs.
What's the deal with the upload speeds, is Verizon worried we will be running servers of some type.
I just ran another one on Lafayette and Bleecker Street in Manhattan, mostly everyone still sleeping.