Verizon LG G3 Rooted Day Of Release! IOROOT


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Oct 6, 2011
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Autoprime has added support for the Verizon and ATT variants of the LG G3 to his IORoot script. Currently this script will not work to root the tmobile or sprint variants of the device. This root method is pretty much straight forward. You will need to first make sure that you download and install the proper Verizon LG usb drivers, then you will need to place your phone into USB Debugging mode (go to settings, about phone, software information, then click on the build number 8 times, it will tell you that you are now a developer), go back to settings and select developer options, then check the usb debugging box. Pull down the notification drawer, select the usb debugging icon, select internet, select ethernet, approve the RSA Key. Grab the IORoot file and unzip it. There are three different versions of the script one for Windows, one for Linux, and One for Mac. If you are on windows simply double click the ioroot.bat and it will walk you through the rest.

Alternatively you could use ADB and root manually. I found that when I ran the script it got my phone into adb push mode but the script did not push the file. I was able to open a command prompt in the folder that contained the and was able to type the command "adb push" the process did its thing. I then downloaded and installed the SuperSU app from the playstore, opened it and updated the binaries.
You will find the files you need and full written instructions at the link below.

Verizon USB Drivers