Verizon is insane


Jan 12, 2012
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I have 2 phones on a shared 700 min plan unlimited data on one phone and 1000 text. 2GB data and no text on the other... My total bill after tax is around 150.00... Since December I will have paid big red 903.41 for this service.. That is if I send them the outrageous amount of 370.78 that they claim is due by February 18... I have been calling and complaining and they tell me that they made a mistake and to pay it and they will credit my account.. They only got me once with that BTW... I have told them I will not.. and have been told that they cannot guarantee that they will not be a disruption of service then, because it's automatic.. so I have been paying crazy amounts of cash to keep my lines open for my business I cannot afford to not have a phone for a long amount of time... So when I call they say well I clearly see one mistake here so we will deduct 70.00 so just pay this amount... And when it's reviewed there should be a credit to the account... This just happened in January when I went in a Verizon store and had them call and was told my February bill should be 150 after tax but should be next to nothing once it's straighted out.. Well its on my desk 370.78... May just tell them to keep what I plain as day overly paid already to cancel my remaining 8 months.. Hate to switch to AT&T but they leave me no choice... Im taking this bill to that same Verizon store because they heard the man tell me manager BTW it's clearly a mistake on them and What my February bill should be... I had him on speaker....

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Wow I'm sorry to here that. AT&T is really good in my area so if you lived in southern MD I'd say go for it!

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That is the reason I left Verizon, because
they did same crap to me. I payed their early termination fee and have been fairly happy with my no contract phones since. I am currently with Boost Mobile and have had no problems. 55 bucks a month and my bill shrinks 5 bucks every 6 months to a maximum of 15 bucks making my bill 40 dollars a month. They do use Sprint towers but have had very little signal problems

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Screw Verizon

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Something similar happened to me. I paid the early termination fee although I did not owe it, and guess what? About seven years later, the early termination fee turned up on my credit report that I owe it. Like I'm going to pay it again, seven years later. And as for ATT, they just lost my business. One reason: They refuse to take a cash payment in their store, even though it clearly states on their website that you can pay your bill in their stores.
Carriers: price gouging since 1983...
I think carriers have such a bogus fee structure. They just up and charge you for any dinky little thing. And they want even more apparently. I read that carriers are "needing" more spectrum and revenue and want government to possibly even subsidize them further. Greedy bunch of SOB's.

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