Verizon Horizontal Pouch W/ Hard Case?


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Aug 12, 2010
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I have a similiar verizon leather case/holster (the vertical style with magnetic enclosure) and the top and bottom have a elastic band. They don't have much stretch to them, but as long as the case isn't much larger than the phone you should be all right. I know my local verizon store had the holster in stock, you should get the hard case you want, then go try out the holsters before buying it online.
I have the VZW pouch and I also have the soft black silicone cover on my is a snug fit but not unbearable in removing the phone from the pouch...
I just ordered the DX and the pouch. I have issues with my current phone and it's pouch (magnet turns my phone off), have you have any issues with yours?