Verizon FiOS scores the first NFL 3D broadcast with Giants/Patriots September 2


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Jan 27, 2010
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Check off another first for 3D sports broadcasts, now that Verizon has announced its FiOS1 channel will exclusively carry the first 3D NFL game. We doubt you'll see much of Tom Brady and Eli Manning in a preseason game four matchup between the Giants and Patriots, but for the New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island subscribers already rocking a 3D setup even watching backups fight for a roster spot is bound to be miles ahead of what's been available so far. Despite keeping its 3D plans close to its vest Verizon has been working closely with the Giants to bring this broadcast to life and plans 3D viewing parties at Meadowlands Stadium (although not on its enormous new HD scoreboards) and Gillette Stadium. ESPN 3D won't kick off its own college football broadcasts until a few days later, if you can't make it to the field and are still wondering if the technology is worth it there are also a couple of bars in Manhattan and Rhode Island airing the broadcast -- Jim Sorgi and Brian Hoyer will be glad to know you're watching.