Verizon adding Carrier IQ-esque diagnostics tool to some phones, but not as scary


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Mar 25, 2012
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Even more scary in my opinion.

Verizon is using a modified version of logmein. Not saying it is bad. Kind of scarry that SCRs could login remotely and basically have remote access to my phone!
At least with Carrier IQ you knew it was pulling a given set of data based off of the phone and that was it. You can see what options the carriers have by reviewing the document on their main web site. What the CSR's can see while remotely logged in is I am assuming everything which I would not care for.
I also have concerns. Yes they say the end user must agree for the CSR to connect, but what protections are they taking in regard to users names and password to login? Also what prevents a malicious update from putting the app into stelth mode so someone really could login with out you knowing.
I am not saying logmein it evil. I use it for my desktop and laptop systems, but what I do want to know is how Verizon is protecting it's users from potential risks.


May 13, 2010
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Can I pick this thread back up? Good. I had a run in with a 2AM Droid 4 reboot from airplane mode in 2013. I caught it because all my friends here trained me to see whats running and if is a new downloaded application remove it. I found not the weather application waking me up but a verizon diagnostic tool running on my phone. The icon is a gray ninja turtle head with a black blindfold with eyes cut out to see. Now I found it because the reboot and motorolas proud DROID voice on reboot woke me up. Diabetic child, alarms set on phone to test his bloodsugar in the night, not cool. I called Verizon the next day they checked into it, apologized, admitted it was fishy, I kept my eye on it. No major issue since as I was aware.

Fast forward, I have killed two droid fours since then and am on third one. You learn something new each day, right? Past few weeks some alarm keeps waking me up at 2:15 AM. It is not set. I have just been dealing with it because life gets crazy and sometimes I just ride the wave, but yesterday when I was in my hammock on the back porch, and I had previosuly removed one alarm installation, and I was emailing a cousin my droid rebooted mid sentence. "Alright", I thought to myself, "figure this out." What's running on the new phone at reboot? Diagnostic tool. Long story short? I have read Verizons Cyber crime report that was done for a group meeting and I am not a fan of rogue tools.
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