Verizon 4G LTE Roll Out Question/Concern


Jun 17, 2010
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I went to verizon's website that lets you type your address to see if you have LTE coverage. I live in Northern Delaware which is not listed on the roll-out list but it said I will have 4G LTE. Also I go to school at University of Delaware and it didn't find the address there and like I said no Delaware city is listed, will those 2 places have LTE? If not its likely I will just get the iPhone 4 instead of waiting for 4G phones or the next 4G iPhone.

sorry if this is the wrong forum also, move please if it is.
You know just about as much as everyone else here concerning 4G locations. If your address is covered then you should be good. Call a VZW rep and see if they know anything.

Maybe the 4g located in Baltimore, Philly, and NJ is strong enough to reach out to you.

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Just look at the Verizon coverage map. It shows which areas currently have 4G. If they haven't announced your city yet, it's probably not happening this year.
I also live on UD's campus -- only within the last week have I been getting 4G, but it's great (upwards of three or four bars at all times). I'm not sure why -- the Verizon zip code checker says I'm not supposed to have it. But I'm not arguing, that's for darn sure.