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Dec 8, 2009
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i downloaded ringlert, and i have downloaded a few ringtones, and i have gone and tried to change the ringtones for specific people in my contacts, and i cant find them. there not in the list of ringtones, all i see is all of the stock ringtones, could somebody please help me out. thanks
check in the downloads file on your SD card. If you have a file manager like Astro you can view your SD card and search. If you do not have a file manager mount your phine to your computer and search. Once you fine the ringtone copy it to your media or ringtone file.

Hope this is helpful.


Downloaded app and everything was good for a few days download a few ringtones no problems. Now tried as before to open ring tones up under catagories but no tones show up now. Up top it shows download graph, new and something else. Not sure what is going on so I removed the app and reinstalled but I am still having the same issues.

Does anyone know a fix for this problem really like the ringlert app

I downloaded Ringlert and can set a song to an individual contact but cannot set a song as a default ringtone.
You have to use the app to set the ringtone. It does not download to your phone. Bring up the app and look at the bottom, it will show you how to apply the ringtone.
I can't find a way to upload my own ringtone to ringlet, how do I do it?
i am having the opposite problem. i can get my default ring to set but when i assign to individuals i only hear my default. on the evo