using phone as wifi repeater, via usb or bluetooth?


Nov 9, 2009
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I am trying to use my htc one as a wifi repeater with windows8 because the toshiba laptop has really crappy wifi despite being brand new and almost $1000!
I know there is the frouter app but you need root and I don't currently want to do that. I was thinking maybe there is a way using usb or even bluetooth. The HTC site says that I should be able to do this with htcsync and elsewhere it says I should also be able to do it via bluetooth.
I tried both on windows 8 to no avail. Any hints and tips on this? Even the microsoft site seems to only give instructions for windows7. I tried the same procedure (pair bluetooth, connect to PAN etc.) which appeared to work but there was no internet. I downloaded htc sync and connected phone and that didn't work either (I think that would also only share the mobile data connection as I had to turn on wifi hotspot anyway for that to work).
Any thoughts before I throw this stupid Toshiba out the window! Its the new radius flippy screen thing and it's all but perfect but for this massive horrible flaw.
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Jan 30, 2012
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Norcross, GA - USA
I'm almost certain what you are trying to do will not work without at least rooting first. A repeater/booster is a fairly specific piece of hardware that a phone was never intended to do.

However, there are fairly in3expensive WiFi extenders you can get even at some Office supply stores that would extend the range of your existing WiFi router. Then you won't need to involve the phone at all.