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Jun 1, 2010
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i use tethering alot (like 3-5x/day), and it's kinda hard to click through all the menu items to turn it on everytime. does anyone know how to make a shortcut or script that would make it more one-touch (like putting an icon on my desktop screen). or better yet, to make it autostart everytime usb connection is made (like cyanogen).

i guess i could install one of the market tethering programs, but i wanted to avoid clutter.

There are a couple of launcher apps that will allow you to create that kind of a link and place it on a screen. ADW and LP Pro for example.
thanks for reply. i use ADW-how do i create this type of shortcut or link?
i've used lp pro too--how do you do it on that?
any updates to this?

basically, i'm looking for widget or something 1 touch whenever i connect my droid to pc to start usb tethering..
Whoops, tethering not mount sd card

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thanks for reply.

i don't need sd mounting as much as as auto usb tethering (without having to click on multi options)
k, found cool app called tether share switcher that's a widget w/ 1 touch on/off for both usb and wifi tether. works (other widgets didn't).