Urban Armor Gear Coming Out With Pixel and Pixel XL Cases!


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Oct 6, 2011
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After much campaigning by many Pixel and Pixel XL users Urban Armor Gear has decided to release a case for these very popular devices. Urban Armor Gear makes my favorite cases. I have always loved the industrial design, but the protection these cases provide keep me coming back for more. These cases are Military Standard Drop certified meaning these cases must first pass a series of torture tests. I have actually had kids throw phones across the room with these cases with no cracks or damage. As you can imagine I was pretty happy to hear that UAG will be releasing a case for the PIxel and Pixel XL.

UAG has been very conservative with their case releases. They only release cases for phones they know will be successful. Mostly this means Samsung and iPhones receive instant support. UAG actually decided to skip the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. The Pixel XL has already outsold the Nexus 6P thanks to the millions of dollars Google has spent on advertisements. I just wonder how many people have already bought a case for their Pixel and may skip the UAG cases.

via @UrbanArmorGear