May 6, 2010
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So the cash register pushed my phone out and broke the screen while working :( thank god i bought insurance, do i need to unroot now? before i turn it in for insurance
I would say that with insurance it doesn't matter but I'm honestly not 100% sure.
It will likely depend on the insurance company.

If the insurance is with Asurion, they don't care the state of the software. Does the phone still display? It is probably a good idea to try to wipe the data before an insurance/warranty claim.
yteah the phone still works theres just a huge crack on the screen and i rather just use my insurance, do they give you used ones? or new??
Insurance will give you a CLNR (certified-like new replacement)- basically a used one.
Yeah I'd in root your Droid because inssurance is ur providers warrenty so rooting does void your warrenty and your insurance. So unroot it. But you could a complete idiot who will inspect your phone so

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