Unrevoked 3.2 is out: brings 1-Click root to Froyo, NAND unlock/S-OFF to some devices

Is this a Full Root like the NAND or will I still need to mod using Recovery?
droids and htc are different. For The droid X you can not modify the kernel in any way because the bootloader is encrypted. After rooting the dx go to the market and get droid x bootstrap app, that allows you a custom recovery to install roms and themes.
yeah i have all of that already, my X is already rooted. I was just wondering if NAND unlock would work on the X. Which im guessing now is a no?
No, it will not work.
I recently bought a vodafone rooted (unrevoked3) 2.1 wildfire for my wife. However when I try to update over the air (europe) after restart I get a yellow exclamation mark.:sad:

I am altogether new at this. Can any one please explain how I get the android upgrading zip files (i found a source on internet but i wasn't sure how to apply them) onto my htc wildfire? Do I have to somehow put the file on the flash card on the phone? if so how do i get the phone to talk to the computer. Where do i get the drivers from? Once that is done do i just copy the zip on to the phone? Then what? what do i do to install it?

I am regretting ever having rooted my phone. Else this 2.2 froyo update would have been simple and painless…. Please help.:sad: