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Dec 13, 2009
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Forgive my lack of understanding of electronics but, if my phone's battery is 1400mAh and this thing is 1420mAh, it isn't going to charge my phone, right? It will just be like adding another battery parallel to another - so they both drain at the same time. Right?
mAH is kinda 2 things...

1) for the battery is a capacity if you have a 1200mAH battery and a 2400mAH battery then the 2400mAH battery would have twice the capacity.

2a) when talking about a battery charger it is the current or how fast it can charge the battery. We can figure that if we are charging at 600mAH if the phone is off and it has a 1200mAH battery then it would take 2 hours to charge. A 1200mAH charger would take an hour. Now this isn't entirely true because most chargers will vary the voltage and current depending on how much "charged" the battery is.

2b) It could be a measurement of the current discharge from a battery. So how fast your phone is discharging your battery so for example if you phone had 200mAH standby current draw on a 1200mAH battery it would be dead in just 6 hours so much more plays into this like battery heat as heat is energy and the energy has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is your battery a lot of other variables as well.

Bottom line though the mAH on your battery is its capacity and the mAH on your charger is how quickly your charger will charge your battery they do not have to match.

This is also why you will notice a LG charger from a cheap flip phone may be rated at 600mAH and your HTC charger may be 1000mAH throw in the current draw from standby or even worse having your screen on while charging and you could notice the HTC charger charging anywhere from 2-4x faster.
Right, but that's because a 600mAH charger has electricity behind it. If you take a 1420mAH battery to charge a 1400mAH battery, it isn't going to charge it much before they both = eachother in output and just both drain at the same time right? So buying a 1420mAh battery as a mobile charging station is pointless for phones with similar mAhs really because it will just charge them a little and then both will slowly drain. Is my understanding correct?

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