Unified Google Play App Icons Are Here!

This redesign is visually appealing, and helps recognize they are all part of Google Play franchise. Sources said these updated icons will be rolled out across all devices very soon..
Visually appealing to who? The words underneath the icons tell me they are belong to Google. I don't need an arrow with a music symbol to tell me that it's Google Music. Orange headphones are more appealing, aesthetically speaking. Headphones = music.
The only one that I really find hideous is the new Play Music icon. Like Mustang said... the Orange headphone symbol was much nicer and stood for "music". I mean, who couldn't figure out that icon?

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I don't care for the Books one either. It was a book. Now it's a book peeking out of the Play button symbol. Won't argue the the Music one is worse, but the Books one is another one I use regularly and it's not much better.
I don't like any of them. You had a blue book, now it's an arrow with a book that looks like a bookmark. Am I using google bookmarks or google books now?