Unable to USB tether Razr to XP


Apr 10, 2010
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I have the latest Windows XP updates and the Razr needs some driver for RNDIS to use USB tethering but it doesn't install it automatically. I followed the Razr's Help instructions and tried installing tetherxp.inf which didn't work. I installed Motorola's USB device drivers but that didn't work either. I then tried to install MotoCast from the phone but it needed to download Java... nice Catch 22.

How on God's green earth do I get the Razr to USB tether to Windows XP?
I guess nobody's tried to tether the Razr to XP... strange Motorola provides instructions on it that don't work.
XP was undoubtedly a great OS but no I have not used it for awhile, except for testing purposed on a VM at work. Those are on a closed DOMAIN though so I couldn't even test it for you.
i was having this problem last night, and im still trying to figure out how to do it. i was having a problem installing the rndis drivers, kept getting a code 10 error. but i havent gotten back to trying to tether with it cause i have been having other issues which i am addressing. but i was reading on some other forums while looking for help in attempt to get my phone to tether and it looked like other people were tethering. the tetherxp.inf didnt work for me neither but iwas gonna try again after fixing some other problems. and i also found wierd when trying to install the RNDIS drivers that i had to install multiple. i installed RNDIS #1 but then RNDIS#2 came up after installing the first one and thats where i gave up and went on to other projects:p