UD bugs or just me?


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Dec 8, 2010
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I didn't see a bug thread, so I am wondering if anyone has the same problems as I do.

When I leave an application open and lock the screen (gmail or something) and then unlock I have to force close something different almost every time on unlock.

Also, I have installed a few applications which have widgets along with them, but they never appear in the widget menu.

Anyone else?
Which ud rom are you running?
Did you wipe data/cache before installing?

As for the widgets not appearing is the application on your sd card?
I am running the most current (7?). I did wipe data/cache, and I think they're saved to SD. Does that make the difference?
Well I know for me if I have widgets I use and the application is saved on the sd card sometimes the widgets won't load.

And by 7 I'm assuming its a nightly? If it is then I haven't put that on my phone yet, but being that its a nightly you can expect to have bugs. But you could try reinstalling it.

If its not a nightly then id try a fresh install again
Ty for your help. I got widgets working and if I am still needing to force close all the time I will try a fresh install.
RC2 started off working fine but encountered too many force close issues and sudden reboots. I had wiped/cache like 4 times prior to flashing. Did it again, after someone suggested it and still had problems. So went back to UD 2.5 for now.
It still isn't clear what version the OP is running. From the sound of it, he's running UD7, which is OLD.
Anything you want to use on home screen like app with widgets or live wallpaper need to be internal. Otherwise you will either not be able to access the widget or upon reboot the widget and wallpaper are gone. Also this can occur if you are using a lot of memory with the apps running and the home can't hold the sd items in place.