TWRP Now Available For The Honor 5X!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The $200 super budget phone from Huawei has just gotten a bit better. I reviewed this phone a few days ago. So far out of all the phones I have used in this price range the Honor 5X is my favorite. Obviously it cuts a few corners to get to $200 like no OIS, no nfc, and last gen wifi radios, but it does plenty right to compensate with its premium metal build, stunning 1080p IPS display, and 4G LTE compatibility in the US!

Yesterday TWRP was released for the device. This means that the phone can now be easily rooted. The previous root process required that you flash a modified stock image after having unlocked the bootloader. Now you can simply flash the recovery and then flash supersu inside recovery. Head to the link below for the download and instructions.

via XDA