Truck Settings 4 DROID GPS needed !


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Aug 14, 2010
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I would like info on how I can obtain or download a truck route setting for my 1st Gen Droid. The Google Navigation Beta is for cars only fyi. Does a fix exist yet?

Problems I encounter are arriving at low bridge heights with my 18 wheeler tractor trailer. My truck height is 13 feet and 6 inches max and cannot fit my truck under any bridge height smaller.

I also cannot drive on parkways with a DOT approved commercial freight vehicle, just regular highways to ship interstate goods directly to your store.

I love this phone upon receiving it in February and wish I waited for DX or D2 so any help would be appreciated.
I haven't found any. I have a motorhome and want the same thing. Also avoid roads with tight turns. What you have to do is map your route and be careful on where you go. No blind following.
im no trucker but its a great idea. You should send Google an email about it. They might add a feature or "layer" in google maps that is good for the truckers.
Truck GPS for Semitrailers

Try Truck GPS program called smarttruckroutes seems what you are looking for. It is located on Android Market. I called the company and now the settings are for semi but will change soon to be selectable by user.