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Oct 11, 2010
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TravelButton is a mobile phone application that allows travelers to easily consolidate guest room phone services and messaging with their personal smartphone, as well as have access to all hotel room phone services.
Upon checking in to a hotel, TravelButton users simply open the app on their phones and select their hotel from a pre-populated list. Once their hotel is selected, users enter their name and room number or confirmation number. The traveler’s personal phone is now enabled with the hotel guest room functionality in addition to their existing phone capabilities. Hotel guests are disconnected from the room upon checking out of the hotel or can manually disconnect anytime.
TravelButton users can receive calls made directly to their guest room on their mobile devices and make and receive calls as they normally would. Standard hotel icons for wake-up calls, room service, front desk and other hotel amenities appear as icons on the guests phones, allowing the user to easily access these services. Calls from guests’ mobile phone enabled with TravelButton will appear to the hotel staff to come from the guests’ rooms. A hotels’ standard identification information, such as room number and guest name, will be provided so that hotel staff can greet guests by name.