Transformer Prime Owners in the UK Can Get an Extended Warranty or Refund


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Dec 30, 2010
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Apparently, users in the UK who are experiencing some of the issues plaguing the Asus Transformer Prime can opt to either return their tab for a full refund or can get a free six-month extended warranty on the tablet. The two biggest issues facing the Transformer Prime are the serial number problems we talked about before, and the problematic WiFi and GPS issues signal. Asus has already shared they are working on a fix for the former, but the later will be a bit harder to band-aid. The primary problem is basically just a design flaw. They made the entire casing out of aluminum which blocks a large portion of WiFi and GPS signals. Their newer version, the Transformer Prime TF700T bypasses these issues by mixing in some plastic as well.

Unfortunately, Asus is not allowing users to trade-in their OG Transformer Prime for the newer one when it finally launches. As an interesting side note, we have word that France is doing the same thing, or at least, is offering the extended warranty part. There was no word that users could return their tab for a refund.

Source: TransformerForums