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Nov 2, 2009
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I just picked up this bad boy and for some reason the verizon tech couldnt get his machine to recognise my omnia. probably because i upped it to winmo 6.5. now my question is, how do i transfer my contacts from my old phone to new? they tech said use google mail or outlook but i'm a dummy when it comes to these things. can anyone help me or have a link giving instructions? thanks in advance!


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Nov 10, 2009
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Yea the DROID will not sync from MS Outlook like the WinMo phones. It will however sync with your Gmail contacts. So you'll need to export your Outlook contacts into Gmail. No sweat though, just do the following:

These instructions are for Outlook 2003. I am not sure about other versions but it should be similar I would think.

1. Open Outlook, go to your contacts.
2. Go to the File menu and select "Import and Export".
3. Select "Export to a file" and click Next.
4. Select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" and click Next.
5. Select your contact file from the list and click Next.
6. Choose the location to save to and choose the file name if desired (make sure to leave the file extension as .csv) and click Next.
7. Click finish to confirm.
8. Sign into your Gmail account and go to your contacts page.
9. Click import in the light blue bar in the upper right-hand side.
10. Click the Browse button and then select contact file you made earlier.
11. Click Import.

This will import all your contact information from Outlook to your Gmail account. Then enter your Gmail login information into your DROID and it will automatically sync them to your phone, plus you will have them backed up. This list will also sync any additions or changes you made either on your DROID or inside your Gmail account.

Sorry, I can't help you with your calendar content though, just the contacts.
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