traffic and gas price apps


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Dec 7, 2010
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Riverview, FL
i am looking for current traffic and a gas app.
traffic: just something that gives current traffic apps and shows where the back ups are.

gas: just something that shows all the gas prices around your current postion.
You can also check out where in the marketplace. It has gas prices and a whole lot more.

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found where, thats a great app. also saw the traffic in maps just didnt know if there was any other good traffic apps
I rely on the traffic layer in maps and its pretty accurate, not to mention convenient.

tappin and a talkin
I second the traffic later.

rubiX 1.9.0 (non-leak) DX on the v4 Juice via DF app
For the gas app, check out GasBuddy.

For traffic can't you just use the traffic layer in maps??

I use the same apps.

GasBuddy works pretty well.

As for traffic, I find the built-in Google version to be excellent. I use the navigation to and from work everyday for the traffic alone!