Touch Screen stops then works


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Sep 13, 2012
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So I have had my droid 3 for a bit over a year now and over the past 2 weeks I have been having problems with my touch screen. For some reason it will just stop working for hours at a time. Absolutely no response from touch, yet I can see it receive messages and all that. Also, while the touch screen is not responding, there will be problems with the auto dimmer (I use the preinstalled one) just not dimming or undimming (depending on where it was set when the touchscreen stopped responding), and the buttons on the keyboard not lighting up. After a few hours, though, this problem usually stops and I get full touchscreen functionality back for no reason. Has anyone had this problem or found a solution?

More info, occasionally the functionality will slowly decline until it stops. By this I mean it will be able to get it to work when I slide the screen in certain positions. Very strange problem and I cannot find a solution.

Edit: I have tried a hard reset and no luck. Taking the battery out 3 times has no effect either. I have the normal android OS on it.
do you have insurance? and you've had it for over a year? if it's less get a warranty replacement. I just had my d2g replaced four times and they finally sent me a droid 3
My phone actually does the same thing (D3) but the touch screen stops working when my screen times out. If I slide it open sometimes the touchscreen starts working again. I've tried factory resets but no luck