Today's Experience getting my new TB!!


Jan 21, 2010
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Kearney, NE
Well I showed up for my Best Buy appointment at 10am sharp. About 3 months ago I bought the incredible with one of my upgrades because OG Droid crapped out. I was the first person to ever use the buy back at my local Best Buy. Wow what a deal this turned out to be. I got $300 credit back for my incredible.

After turning in the incredible and using my NE2 on one of my lines and purchasing insurance and a new Buy back the grad total out the door was $7.53. Also I was allowed to upgrade early at no charge. There was no activation and the 32 gig card was in the box.

Best Buy's buy back program rocks. And for those wanting to know about the TB?? Holy cow this thing is fast. Absolutely amazing. Puts the incredible to shame!!

Great Experience from Best Buy!!


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Mar 19, 2011
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After trying to get the TB at a premium retailer on Thursday and finding out they were not in yet (at 4pm), I went to a VZW corporate store. Waited and played with a live demo model for a few minutes. Cute sales girl came up with the phone, picked up some accessories, which i knew i had a discount on, found out i had a $50 corporate discount (making phone $199). She was quick, put on case and screen protector (not a big deal, but saved me some time), activated it, and I was set. Employees were really knowledgeable and excited about it. Great experience!